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We create software to automate tasks, gather data, present information and enhance communication in your business to make it more effective

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Simplify your workflows

We build systems that simplify business processes, automate tasks and reduce the number of tools you need to get the job done.

Custom software

Integrate your systems

Our technologies improve efficiency by integrating in-house systems with online customer-facing applications and data from partners or clients.

System design & integration

Develop new technology

We work with organisations to develop ideas for new technology products and identify and assess options to solve existing business problems.

Technology consulting

Getting technology to work harder for you

As technology consultants and software developers, we get technology to work harder for you. If you've got a business problem we look at it from all angles. We talk to your teams, observe your processes, and ask a whole lot of questions about why and how you do things. Using that knowledge, we then build and integrate software, databases or web applications to solve problems and streamline workflows. The end result is that you can work faster and smarter, enjoying the competitive advantages that efficient software and access to relevant real-time data give your organisation.

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Size is Everything in the 'New Normal' image

Size is Everything in the 'New Normal'

During lockdown, when I’ve not been working for clients, homeschooling my children and working through the box set of Breaking Bad on Netflix, I’ve been speculating on what the ‘new normal’ (already worn out with that phrase!) for business will be post Covid-19 and how Purple Crane fits into this new reality.…

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Software Development (But Were Afraid To Ask) image

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Software Development (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Rather than talk about how wonderful we are all the time, in our latest blog we thought we’d try a different tack and let you know how an ‘average’ conversation goes with a potential customer. Like a frequently asked questions and answers approach with a ‘mythical’ (but also a kind of real company) as we think it’s a good way of setting out what an early stage discussion actually looks like when someone engages with Purple Crane.…

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Purple Crane - an Extension of Your Team image

Purple Crane - an Extension of Your Team

If you're a football fan and support anyone other than the five or six clubs who more or less stake an annual claim to the top of the Premiership, you're probably used to a 'firefighting' crew being called in to sort the problem out! In the same way that a side's fortunes can be transformed virtually overnight by a new approach to some of the most basic day-to-day routines, your business can become far more productive when you work with specialists who have specific knowledge that lies outside of your own main area.…

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