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We create software to automate tasks, gather data, present information and enhance communication in your business to make it more effective

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Simplify your workflows

We build systems that simplify business processes, automate tasks and reduce the number of tools you need to get the job done.

Custom software

Integrate your systems

Our technologies improve efficiency by integrating in-house systems with online customer-facing applications and data from partners or clients.

System design & integration

Develop new technology

We work with organisations to develop ideas for new technology products and identify and assess options to solve existing business problems.

Technology consulting

Getting technology to work harder for you

As technology consultants and software developers, we get technology to work harder for you. If you've got a business problem we look at it from all angles. We talk to your teams, observe your processes, and ask a whole lot of questions about why and how you do things. Using that knowledge, we then build and integrate software, databases or web applications to solve problems and streamline workflows. The end result is that you can work faster and smarter, enjoying the competitive advantages that efficient software and access to relevant real-time data give your organisation.

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Software Creation: Building the Perfect Analogy

We are Purple Crane, software developers who create bespoke software products for SMEs. These products and applications improve what our customers do and how they do it. With decades of experience – and happy customers – behind, and a future of constant innovation ahead, there’s just one problem. How to describe what we do...…

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Five to Thrive: Planning IT for Q1 and beyond?

Spring has sprung (as it always does) alongside a new budget year's (similarly inevitable) arrival. So, as SMEs set budgets for the next Q and beyond, where should they focus technology spend? There is no one size fits all solution, but our ideas – and next steps – could inform your discussions.…

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