About us

We are a custom software application development company based in London. We’ve been building and integrating better business systems for UK companies since 2007. Let’s be blunt. We’re not the biggest software development company in London and we don’t have the most developers. We do, however, do all the work ourselves and we get most of our work from recommendations.

Our Speciality - Custom software for SMEs

Everyone needs a speciality, and ours is developing online and offline business software solutions and web and mobile applications for small and medium sized organisations.

We love working with SMEs, and we know that just because you’re not a corporate giant it doesn't mean everything you need to do can be handled by off-the-shelf solutions.

Our software applications solve real business problems and give businesses a competitive advantage. To do that, we design software that is simple to use and technically reliable.

Our Approach – business, people, bottom line

By thoroughly understanding the business goals you need to achieve and how and why people will be using your systems, we can develop software applications that increase productivity and add to your bottom line. The final system needs to work as well for people as it does for the business, which is why we develop for business and design for people.

We believe that good software matters. That may be a truism, but it's something that sums up our approach. It matters to our customers, it matters to us and it is reflected in the care we take over our work.

Our Strength - Direct and unbroken contact

Being smaller, we can have close yet professional relationship with our customers. It lets us be more productive, and we’ve found that our customers feel the same way.

It also means you deal directly with one of our senior technical developers throughout your project. There’s no risk that business focus or understanding will be lost as the solution is developed, which can happen in bigger development consultancies when projects are handed over from business consulting teams to technical teams.

Our standards - Very high

We hold ourselves to high professional and ethical work standards.

Our senior development team are professional members of the BCS - Chartered Institute for IT, and as such we are obligated to carry out all of our work in accordance with their Code of Conduct.

We're ISO 9001 certified which means we have a regularly audited system in place to manage, monitor, and importantly constantly improve the quality of everything we do.

CQS ISO certificate validation

What you can expect from us:

  • Creativity. We enjoy creative problem solving and we're good at it. In fact it's one of the reasons why we do what we do.
  • Adaptablity. We have our processes and procedures (which by the way we're continuously working on improving), however we can be adaptable and are happy to fit in around the way you work.
  • Responsibility. We stand by the work that we do. We take responsibility for the process and the results and if things don't work out, we don't try to pass the buck - we get it sorted.
  • Availability. We'll be there when you need us.

What are your business challenges?

Talk to us about how to develop software systems that solve them, meet your business objectives, and are a pleasure to use.

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