Get to know Purple Crane

Get to know Purple Crane

If you’re considering working with us, you might be wondering: “Why choose a small UK-based software development agency over a big agency or an off-shore alternative?” We’ve shared a bit about ourselves to try and answer that question here.

At Purple Crane we never pretend that we’re bigger than we are. We see our size as one of our strengths. We’re a small specialist development agency of happy people who work on projects we find interesting and are passionate about. Because we want to enjoy our work, and we believe that happy, motivated people do better work.

We combine creative business thinking with precise, focused technology development skills to produce software that increases productivity and efficiency. You don’t have to be big to do that, you just need a well-chosen development team with a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience, which we have.

We believe that great custom software is built through great communications

When we work with a you, we consider ourselves part of your team, sharing your business goals and values. Working in this way means we develop a deeper understanding of your business as it evolves, providing continuity in support and in focus.

All of projects we do are overseen by one of our directors guaranteeing that the final solution solves the business challenges that you come to us with. Through one of our directors having hands-on involvement in every project from beginning to end, there’s no risk of losing business focus or understanding during the development process, which you often get when projects are handed over from business consulting teams to technical teams.

We pride ourselves on the good relationships we form with our clients and colleagues. We always make ourselves available, inviting questions and matching our language to the technical knowledge of the people we’re speaking to.

Being based in London, communicating with us is simple. Working with a UK-based development company gives you the advantage of regular face-to-face briefings and feedback sessions which save time and improve understanding, resulting in software that better meets business goals.

We focus on solving problems for people, not on being clever with technology

The focus of our work is solving problems for businesses and individuals; we never lose sight of the fact that software is a business tool used by people. Yes, we understand business processes, but at the same time we understand the value and importance of interface design and user experience.

Because our senior developers are capable and experienced business people, we can translate your business requirements into sound technology requirements that make a real difference to efficiency. By combining UX, technology and business expertise we make sure your software adds to your bottom line.

All the software we’ve ever produced has gone into use. If you want to see what we’ve helped organisations achieve, take a look at our case studies.

Bringing you the benefits of bespoke software

Improving your software to meet your business needs can bring you considerable benefits. Your staff will be happier when they work with good systems. Who wouldn’t prefer software that made them more efficient and cut out duplicate work. A sound software infrastructure also adds long-term value to your business and looks good to investors.

If you think your organisation – and your people – could benefit from tailored software, contact us. Fill out our contact form, email or call us on +44 (0)845 388 2569.

We're happy to offer a free initial consultancy and give you a short follow-up report.