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Enforcement and prosecutions management system

It’s hard to predict just how flexible a system will need to be when it needs to simplify processes across an organisation as complex as Transport for London. The solution is to make it super-flexible and ultra-scalable so that it can do more for more people.

The challenge

To adapt and expand the original system we built for TfL to manage prosecutable offences related to buses so that it could be used by teams responsible for other modes and transport-related matters.


Transport, revenue protection, business process outsourcing


ITAL Group provides specialist support for major bus and train operators in the UK. Their core technology-based services include processing penalty fare notices, handling penalty appeals, providing administrative support for prosecutions, and designing and producing specialised systems.

The project

A number of years ago we developed a workflow management system for London Buses’ Enforcement Department to manage prosecutable offences. It replaced a system that could no longer cope with the demands on it to integrate and expand. We knew the new system needed to be scalable, but in all honesty we were unaware of just how much use we could make of this innate flexibility.

From dealing with just buses, the system needed to expand to accommodate the management of ‘irregularities’ relating to youth penalty fares. The consequence of these can be community service, confiscation of ZIP travel cards, and inevitably the involvement of parents and guardians. These were more complicated. Next we needed it to manage prosecutable offences related to the Underground, the Overgound, the DLR and Crossrail.

In each instance we needed to integrate with existing systems related to those services, and tie in to LIBRA – the Magistrates Court Case management system. The system needed to automate communications with passengers and other parties, and make it simple for administrators to shift cases from one phase to the next.

The result

Fortunately we had developed the original system to scale up, and were able to accommodate the demands of the various enforcement teams within TfL.

As a division, Enforcement went from making a loss to making a profit for the first time. This was due to the improved efficiency as well as being able to make court bookings across multiple areas. This was further helped by the system’s integration with the single justice system, which has made it far more efficient to prosecute minor offences.

We are now working on a second-generation system which also makes it possible to manage prosecutable offences relating to free-standing A-boards and other items that make London’s roads and pavements harder for all pedestrians to access. This will include managing the schedule of inspections, warnings and penalty notices issued to non-compliant businesses.

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