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ITAL needed to replace the bespoke application it was using for handling prosecutions for non-payment of penalty fares. They wanted to update their existing technology and expand this area of the business. They were looking for a long-term technical partner who could develop the new system for them and then continue to enhance it.

The challenge

Development and continued enhancement of a web-based workflow management system.


Transport, revenue protection, business process outsourcing


ITAL Group provides specialist support for major bus and train operators in the UK. Their core technology-based services include processing penalty fare notices, handling penalty appeals, providing administrative support for prosecutions, and designing and producing specialised systems.

The project

User task analysis was key to developing a new system that could meet both ITAL and their customers’ demands. We met with senior ITAL executives and existing ITAL customers and system users to understand exactly what the most efficient system would look like.

We then developed the web-based application in phases, migrating the data from the existing systems to make the changeover as seamless as possible.

Built on the latest web technologies, and with a task-based user interface, it also integrated fully with ITAL’s payment, accounting and penalty fares systems.


The result

The resulting back-office workflow management system is used by the prosecutions departments of train operating companies and by ITAL in its back-office support services.

In using a thorough task analysis to define the scope of the project itself we were able to identify new ways that technology could be used to streamline the handling of prosecutions for non-payment of penalty fares. With the new system there was a significant decrease in the printing and postage costs as well as the time required to handle a prosecution.

The efficient, scalable system was built to be easily enhanced with components that could be, and have been, used in systems subsequently developed for ITAL. The document creation, management and printing component we developed on this project has gone on to be enhanced and used in all ITAL’s new systems.

As well as increasing customer satisfaction and the productivity of their own staff, the bespoke application has gained ITAL new customers for their prosecutions handling service, supporting their original goal of expanding this area of their operations.


"Purple Crane have been an Associate Partner of ITAL for more than eight years and I have found their attention to detail and levels of business acumen second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who has an opportunity to work with them, as either a customer, partner or supplier"
Derrick Bilsby - CEO, ITAL Group
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