Our work for a live music booking agency

An international contract, scheduling, payment and ticket sales management system

Our client had recently expanded their business, bringing a number of smaller talent agencies under their umbrella. They needed a system to help them standardise their practices, improve their workflows and get a better overview of what was happening across the company.

The challenge

To develop a bespoke web-based workflow management system that would consolidate and standardise data and documents relating to the contracts, payments and ticket sales for performances by live music artists and DJs.


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Our client is a live music booking agency that manages international tours and bookings for music artists. Their roster includes hundreds of bands and DJs, and they arrange bookings with promoters for venues large and small around the world.

The project

We didn’t realise just how complicated the live music industry was until we started on this project. Our brief was to create a system that would merge the data that was held in the client’s existing internal system with that from newly acquired divisions where data existed in multiple spreadsheets and smaller admin databases.

We met with the company and spoke to the bookings agents and assistants directly, trying to understand the intricacies that go with organising and finalising international bookings. Each country has its own quirks, particularly around payments and ticket sales, and the new system needed to accommodate these.

It also needed to give agents the means to modify standardised emails, letters, contracts and invoices, manage multi-country, multi-gig tours, and check and analyse ticket sales.

The result

All agents and assistants within the company can now use the same contract management system to administer and monitor all aspects of their bookings from initial contact through to final payment. The system provides enough flexibility to deal with the different requirements for the different countries too.

Many of the routine reminders and follow-up communications are now automated, and pre-set reminders alert the agents when they need to do something related to a specific booking.

As well as tracking the status of bookings throughout their lifecycle, the system allows agents to research venues for suitability and design and route tours to achieve maximum audience exposure.

Staff can now easily track ticket sales against predictions, and the system takes into account the ticket-buying habits of different countries, so that agents can quickly identify bookings where ticket sales are not at the level they should be and take action.

Equally importantly the often complex payment arrangements can be managed and payments tracked efficiently.


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