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An award-winning distributed data retrieval product

Tradeco had an innovative idea for a new software product aimed at the law-enforcement and telecommunications markets. It needed to be secure and allow people to retrieve specific data stored in various locations.

The customer needed a development team that could analyse and specify their requirements, design and build the product, and then work with them to support, maintain and enhance it.

The challenge

Development of a distributed data retrieval product


Law enforcement, telecommunications, data analytics and insights


The Tradeco Group an international group of companies with offices in the UK, the Middle East and Asia. They specialise in Business Intelligence and International Consulting, General Trading, Information Technology, Aerospace, Real Estate and Project Development.

The project

We started by building a working prototype to extract more detailed requirements, test the market, and demonstrate the product to potential investors. Through the success of the prototype Tradeco was able to get funding for the full development of the project.

We then created the architecture for the entire system, taking into consideration the requirements of a variety of different users. We designed and developed the final system using continuous integration and agile development techniques, integrating the components of the prototype into the new architecture one at a time. This ensured that there was a working version of the system available at all times. New components were then developed and incorporated into the working system.

The award-winning result

The final product – a distributed network of securely communicating data retrieval components – won a Frost & Sullivan award for product innovation and is currently under review by a number of national governments.

"Purple Crane demonstrated a patient attitude to really understand our objectives. This gave us both a higher feeling of confidence in their abilities (which was not misplaced) and a real sense that they were ‘part of our team’."
Robert Czapieski - CEO, Tradeco Group

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