Sustainable Software

Purple Crane - a Green Company

In a world where climate change is approaching a catastrophic tipping point, sustainability is not so much an aspiration as a business necessity.

Purple Crane think sustainably and strategically, both in how we run our business and support our clients. We think green in everything we do, and can prove it.

Being green in black and white

As a carbon neutral company, Purple Crane can prove produce tangible proof that our ‘greening’ efforts have neutralized any our business activities add to the atmosphere.

But as the world approaches the point of no return, virtue signaling is no use. We discussed the false flag on greenwashing in this blog.

Instead, we aspire to higher standards and meet those of the authorities who set the parameters of sustainable business practices. These include:

Purple Crane: greener software development

Membership of the BCS - Chartered Institute for IT, our senior team work to the BCS Code of Conduct by ‘Making IT Good for Society’.

To achieve our ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standard accreditations, we validated our long-term corporate carbon-producing activities against two agreed standards.

Where our activities exceed the limits, we backfill residue through a carbon offsetting program through Carbon Neutral Britain.  We even offset the CO2 emissions of our usage of the Internet and cloud services, even though those are not, strictly, ‘ours’. There are no shortcuts on the road to environmental redemption.

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Being green means getting things right first time. Less rework, fewer emissions. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Purple Crane are aligned with the world’s most recognized quality management system standard.

To attain, and retain that standard, requires a regularly audited system to manage, monitor, and constantly improve the quality of everything we do. Better quality, happier customers, more sustainability.

Outsource with care

Some software companies outsource application and software development work overseas, where many UK and EU standards don’t apply, and business activities opaque. But the ‘out of sight’ rule doesn’t apply. It’s the same planet, and climate-changing activities will ultimately affect us all.

Any customers outsourcing to us, or growing their business by creating bespoke, core applications, can be sure this work is part of the future solution, not the current problem. Contact us today.