We use technology to help you solve business problems to gain a business advantage

For some businesses this involves developing software from scratch, for others it means interfacing with off-the-shelf software or developing systems that integrate with their partners. It often includes data migration and data integration; it always involves improving business systems.

Developing the right tools for the task

We develop custom software applications that are easy to use and meet high technical standards. These include cloud or desktop-based workflow management systems, applications for data management and analysis, and catalogue, supply chain and sales management systems.

Custom software

Making your business more accessible

We build mobile and web apps and websites that are reliable, secure and designed for the context in which they’ll be used. They can integrate with existing offline systems, or replace them, and have the advantage of being accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Web & Mobile Applications

Improving processes and relationships

We integrate your systems with those of your suppliers, customers or partners to create a single system that simplifies data entry, keeps everything consistent and gives you access to all the information you need through one interface.

System & Database Integration

Translate good ideas into good technology

We work with organisations to develop new product ideas, identify options to solve business problems and assess the feasibility of proposed solutions. You can use our expertise to draw up specifications, cost projects and plan for future improvements.

Business Technology Consulting

Developers on demand

Our experienced senior developers are available for one-off projects or sub-projects when your in-house development team needs a bit of extra capacity. We’re a cost-effective way to expand your team rapidly for a few weeks, or a few months, without having to spend on recruitment and employment.

More about outsourcing to us

How we help organisations work faster and smarter

We listen, ask a lot of questions, then build and integrate software and web applications to overcome logistical challenges, streamline complex labour-intensive processes, merge online and offline operations, and improve management, monitoring and data analysis.

What are your business challenges?

Talk to us about how to develop software systems that solve them, meet your business objectives, and are a pleasure to use.

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