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We love working with start ups and entrepreneurs

The aspect we most enjoy is getting involved in the early stage planning process and being party to bringing exciting new ideas to life. There is so much energy around; our job is to turn that energy into something tangible and workable and to create a solid, workable solution that’s clearly scoped out and costed. We’ve recently set up a new ‘division’ (sounds sinister!) within Purple Crane that connects with and helps entrepreneurs to scope out any software development they might need to create at an early stage in their businesses development in order for them to understand if their proposition is viable - or not.

Welcome to Software For Start-ups by Purple Crane.

How we help

Building bespoke software can be a significant investment when money can be tight for new business ventures. Purple Crane helps businesses understand the technical viability of their idea at an early stage, thus ensuring little time is wasted in developing their business model.

Investors like to know that any technical development has been covered to ensure viability of getting your idea to market. With Purple Crane’s help businesses have a better chance of winning investment and bringing an idea to life.

Watch our short video below, click the questionnaire link at the end and we’ll be in touch. It’s a FREE initial consultation and report you receive and, within that report, we’ll come back to you with our thoughts about if we can help to turn your dreams into reality…

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