System and database design and integration

Is your data spread across multiple databases, or stored in spreadsheets that are continuously being emailed back and forth? Does doing basic business tasks mean using and manually cross-referencing a handful of tools and applications? Or continually checking the systems of customers, suppliers and partners? We can help you automate and integrate it all, making life simpler for your teams.

What we can do for you

  • Create a single integrated system that simplifies data entry, keeps everything consistent and gives you access to all the information you need through one interface.
  • Make offline software or data available through an online web application.
  • Customise an off-the-shelf software package to match your business requirements.
  • Integrate your systems with those of your suppliers, customers or partners.

How we do it

We’ll assess the software and the databases you already have in place and the business tasks you need to get done with them. We’ll consider the other systems you draw from or feed into, and discuss your future growth and any changes you think your systems will need to deal with.

Armed with this background information we can then suggest the best way to use technology to improve your business systems and efficiency.

Built by experts

Our software developers are plain-talking capable business people as well as technical experts, and every project is led by a senior developer from start to finish.

We contribute our own ideas and experience of business processes to develop the most effective solution for your business.

What are your business challenges?

Talk to us about how to develop software systems that solve them, meet your business objectives, and are a pleasure to use.

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